Quantum Phase

  • An application for performance was presented to Congress to help with their urgently expressed need for recovery.
  • Over time, our list grew before they funded their project. It included the following: education, construction of highrise buildings, commercial plants, and homes are the bell weather of a growing national economy. Alternaative energy plants, tools, and management fosters new: geothermal, wind, coal, and nuclear are visible symbols of growth. Energy construction has a following wake of jobs and paychecks between America's Eastern and Western surf.


  • The interest in Atoms is about a century old,
  • and it's grown up now.
  • Today, we have cellular work to do.
  • Fission saved America as a nation (World War II).
  • Fussion is a different interest (Economic Recovery).
  • With age, it's time to make it work.
  • The third generation Atom's use is here.
  • It's construction shall provide work.
  • There is an ancillary benefit; and
  • it's good; and
  • it's green.


  • The Public Policy Project provides a RECOVERY transaction―$4,700,000.
  • This amount has been earned—it's not paid yet.

The intent hereon is to ensure the pursuance of a working Constitution.

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